Custom Programs

Custom Programs

Custom Programs are designed for organizations that require a tailor-made learning program for their leadership development needs. To design such programs, program designers with industry and learning and development experience understand the business and learning needs of the organization’s participants. We then work with the organization to design a program that meets their needs.

Programs can be conducted on-campus in Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad or at company premises as per the needs of the program.

Our custom programs are designed and delivered as per process below:

Understand targeted business outcome:

Develop shared understanding of business imperative driving learning requirement

Understand learning solution expectations:

Learning outcome targeted, audience profile

Design learning solution:

Content, faculty, pedagogy

Learning Delivery:

Close monitoring by NMIMS Program Manager and client’s L&D Team

Feedback on impact:

Review achievement of targeted learning & business outcomes

You can download our program brochure with detailed course offerings and upcoming programs. In case of any specific requirements connect us at 022 42355850/ 5715 or write us at

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